The Vision
As we bring forth the idea of women lifting other women through sharing their stories of living bravely, we trust that you will benefit from the women who have shared of themselves sincerely and that you will discover at least one tiny practical skill to incorporate daily that brings you peace or a vision of hope for your future, and if you can imagine and feel yourself becoming a healthier and more fulfilled you…then we have accomplished our mission.
Hilda Villaverde holds a Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Emerson Institute. Living Brave in Love is her sixth published book.

Hilda’s career in the beauty industry as a respected stylist and salon owner spans four decades and she is a sought after educator and leader in the business. Over the years she has attended certification and master’s programs with a variety of companies in the beauty industry. In 1995, she launched Pluma Designs, a creative and educational hair studio.

A recognized public speaker, Hilda immerses business savvy and humor in her presentations to engage and inspire her audience.
Mary Beth Stern has been a marketing, advertising, public relations, and special events consultant for over 20 years and has given a voice to numerous businesses and organizations to increase visibility, awareness, and profitability. She has worked with many nonprofit organizations in creating unique fundraising events and has moderated fashion shows, presentations, and events. Mary Beth co-authored Living Brave…Women, Stories, and Pathways to Thriving with Hilda Villaverde in 2016.

Mary Beth has a BA from St. Mary’s College in South Bend, Indiana.
Book a Speaking Engagement With the Authors
"We enjoy writing, and yes, we enjoy speaking! We’re happy to speak at book club gatherings, women’s luncheons, corporate events, and charity events."
-Hilda & Mary Beth

Through speaking engagements, Hilda and Mary Beth entertain and inspire audiences with stories of bravery, fortitude, and joy.

To inquire about booking a speaking engagement, email us.
Nicole, Conference Attendee
The HFMA luncheon event featuring Hilda Villaverde and presentations by four of the women profiled in her newest book, Living Brave, was a very special experience. While these women faced hardships, disappointments and challenges that most would allow to govern their lives they found courage and inner strength to excel. Their stories not only inspired but motivated. Friends who joined me for the event are still talking about what a great experience it was. We’re all looking forward to reading Living Brave and the other profiles that Hilda has so gracefully organized into what we hope will be the first of many more books in this series.

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