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Come Along On a Life-Changing Journey
with Hilda & Mary Beth!
Living Brave is expanding into a vibrant series of books that feature inspiring life experiences from which we can all learn and grow.

Living Brave Ė Women Stories and Pathways to Thriving features forty-two distinct women that delve into their inspirational lives and experiences. The backbone of Living Brave is a series of fifteen introspective questions - divided into three areas of life expression: Physical Strength Ė Mental Clarity &
Spiritual Courage.

Living Brave In Love - Stories of Intimacy Lost and Found is a collection of stories of how others love...bravely. When the opportunity arose to collect and publish stories of how others love came to us, we decided to take a chance on love once again and discover for ourselves how others love. With love and hope in your heart, enjoy the voices of the women and men we present who share their stories in an effort to encourage you to be brave in loving again, in loving more deeply, and in sharing your love unconditionally.
These stories are the spirit of women who have quietly lived courageous and productive lives, becoming the "real me" of who they have become. They have awakened to wanting better, healthier lives for themselves and for those that they love, and they have made a positive difference.
Hilda Villaverde & Mary Beth Stern interviewed by Jeremy C. Jones for IDEAS THAT MAKE AN IMPACT
LIVING BRAVE featured in Arizona Foothills Magazine
Hilda and Mary Beth are "getting in shape" for the launch of their latest
Living Brave book and the upcoming conference!
For those who seek to understand themselves and others better, this book is a precious gift! It turns out that defining love is much more elusive than it might initially appear. The word itself conjures up a vast array of feelings unique to each one of us. Until now, Iíd considered myself to be pretty astute when it came to this topic. Not anymore. Like many people in their sixties, Iíve had my share of "love experiences." Some good and some not so good. But, after reading this incredible compilation of stories from those who have experienced love from a variety of angles and perspectives, I have a deeper respect for the complexity of this topic. To some, the experience was euphoric and joyful. Yet to others it seemed as if a mystical hex had been cast upon them that trapped their soul.

I am grateful for the journey the authors have taken me on. Iíve gained an immense sense of empathy and compassion for those whose experiences with love were different than my own. And Iím left with a greater awareness of how significantly each emotional encounter shapes us into the person we will become.

Janine Finney
Co-author of The Flip-Flop CEO and Does the Shoe Fit?
Love is the core need for all of us, yet poses some of the most difficult challenges we encounter in life. The love stories from numerous contributors which are told in Living Brave in Love inspire and nurture us in opening more fully to this greatest of all spiritual expression. With vulnerable and authentic hearts, the authors also reveal their own personal struggles and successes in living and loving. This compassionate book gently invites us to trust life, to care lovingly for ourselves and for others, and to live courageously and expansively. With its inclusion of a wide range of wisdom, insight, and experience, Living Brave in Love generously supports us in creating our own story of beautiful and joyous intimacy.

Kathy Juline
Author of It Is About You, editor of 365 Science of Mind and a
frequent contributor to Science of Mind magazine
Living Brave is a beautiful book that stirs the heart with stories of strong, brave women. After spending over 40 years in the beauty industry, I know that we hairdressers are given the privilege of being touched by so many stories, and now Living Brave is sharing some of the best of these. I highly recommend these inspiring revelations of Spiritual Courage.

Gayle Fulbright
Owner, Headlines THE SALON, One of Americaís Top 200 Salons
Living Brave has stories to tell about women, their bravery and their fears. Authors Hilda Villaverde and Mary Beth Stern ask insightful questions that explore the heart of aging.

With a strong message for women of all ages, 29 women reveal how they have reached the maximum in physical strength, mental clarity and spiritual courage. Why not reach for potential? We learn from otherís journeys. An inspirational read that stays with you!

Marcia Fine
Award Winning Author
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